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Not my toothpaste….

Like srsly. I had enough toothpaste for a whole week and now it is sucked dry. Just because my toothpaste is far more superior and expensive (sarcasm, somewhat) than yours doesn’t mean you can use it all up in just one night.  How the fuck did you squeeze out a whole fucken week worth of toothpaste?!?!?  dang, your breath must have stank so bad so that whole week worth is just consumed in one night. hahaha, i ain’t that tripping doe. you can have some because I believe you needed it more than me. 

Food Chain →

Here is a project worked on for 6 hours in a lab using Dragon Frame & Adobe Premiere.  And for this project, we use cut up construction papers & glue.  

Look et’s my baby sister! So cute!

Lol, look at my sistar!

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